Famous Musicians from Bath

Famous Musicians from Bath

Though Bath is well for its Roman baths and quaint Georgian crescents, here at Singing Lessons Bath think that it should be recognised for something else: the amazing singers and musicians that it has created over the years. From Drum n’ Bass legend Danny Byrd to Peter Gabriel and Alison Goldfrapp, Bath’s contribution to British music is understated yet impressive. Here’s a list of a few of our favourites.

Alison Goldfrapp has proved that musical innovation is not just the business of the young, as it was the band that took her name, Goldfrapp, with which she has enjoyed most success. Alison Goldfrapp has obviously heard how great Bath’s therapeutic spa water is on the vocal chords because, though originally from London, she and her cat have made Bath their home, which we suspect it is the reason Alison’s voice still sounds great twenty years after her career began. In fact, Goldfrapp’s breakthrough second album, Black Cherry, and lead single ‘Ooh La La’ was recorded in a dingy Bath basement and went on to sell over one million copies worldwide. It seems a little Bath magic was all she needed!

Peter Gabriel is now firmly part of the musical establishment, having fronted ‘70s prog-rock band Genesis. A talented flautist and vocalist, Gabriel has enjoyed success both with Genesis and as a solo artist. Throughout his career he has regularly proved popular with the general public and critics: his 1986 album So has sold five million copies worldwide and over the years he has accumulated six Grammy Awards, thirteen MTV Music Awards, three Brit Awards and even two Nobel Peace Prizes! If that wasn’t enough for one man, in 2010, he was inducted in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame with Genesis and then as a solo artist in 2014. As a result, it might be said that Gabriel is one of the most highly decorated musicians in British history, and therefore is thoroughly deserving of a place on this list.

Danny Byrd is probably familiar to out younger vocal tutees, but I’m afraid I doubt many over the age of thirty will recognise the name! For our older readers, Danny Byrd is a drum n’ bass producer and DJ from Bath, who with independent record label Hospital Records, has been releasing aggressive dn’b since 1999. Like most niche dance genres, he hasn’t achieved massive chart success (highest position in the UK charts in 36) with ‘Ill Behaviour’, but he has charted at no. 1 with ‘Red Mist’ in the UK dance charts. To be honest, if you’re into drum n’ bass, you’ll have already heard about Danny and if you didn’t know, now you know. 

Photography: Christian Bertrand

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